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Welcome to the Tampa, FL Sniffspot top dog trainer list for 2022. This is a list of the top dog trainers in Tampa based on votes from the Sniffspot community and the general public. Over 45,000 votes were used in compiling this list. We have only included the top trainers with sufficient votes and the trainers are ordered in terms of the number of votes received. Trainers that tied are ranked in reverse alphabetical order based on first name. All dog trainers on this list are positive reinforcement only, as defined by no force, fear, intimidation, or aversive methods used. This list is a subset of the broader Top Trainers in Florida list.

This list is sponsored by Sniffspot, which is the largest network of private dog parks for rent in the world. Each of the thousands of Sniffspot dog parks are hosted by locals on private land with 100% private bookings to maximize safety for guests and their dogs. Sniffspot offers various types of dog parks, including fenced, water parks, indoor dog parks, dog beaches and more. Sniffspot has worked closely with dog trainers to create safe spaces for dogs and our top trainer lists are a natural extension of that relationship. You can browse Sniffspot’s local dog parks here.

The Best Tampa, FL Dog Trainers in 2022

Dara Crystal

Crystal Clear Dog Training, LLC is owned and operated by Dara Crystal. Dara’s passion is helping dogs fully and happily integrate into their homes and with their families. Her love for dogs stems from growing up with them and seeing how much joy they can add to our daily lives.

Motivated by her love of dogs, Dara has spent over 15 years involved in animal rescue. Her commitment to dog training is her way to help dogs have the happy lives they deserve while also helping people fully realize the joys of having dogs as family members. Dara has a great deal of dog training education and experience. She completed two levels of academic and practicum experience with Humane Domain in 2010. She also earned her certification with The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) in April 2014.

Currently, Dara does In-Home Consultations but plans to teach group classes again in the future. She is a professional member of The Pet Professional Guild – The Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals (PPG). Dara earned her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in June 2018. She continues to participate in conferences, workshops, and webinars to keep up to date with best practices. Crystal Clear Dog Training, LLC is Registered and Insured.

Certifications: CPDT-KA

Services include:
  • Aggressive dog training
  • In home training
  • Deaf dog training
  • Reactive dog training
Behavioral issue focus:

Fear, and reactivity towards humans and/or other animals.

Training methods:

I train using force free methods. In collaboration with clients, I develop a typed behavioral modification plan to eBay set their animal(s) up for success.

Service area:

All of Pinellas County, and areas of Tampa.


Joe Souza

Joe is a professional applications engineer by trade, but he’s the happy dog-father of three great Labrador Retrievers affectionately named ‘Team Ripped K9’. With many years of dog training experience under his belt, he decided to embark on a study of canine conditioning and he now works exclusively in that realm.

Joe found that there are many exceptional obedience trainers, a plethora of sport-specific trainers, and a vast number of quality working dog trainers, but there are few trainers that specialize in physical conditioning, and studies show that a dog in top physical condition is less likely to suffer injuries than a weekend warrior. No matter if your dog is a working dog, excels in dog sports, or a couch potato, your dog can benefit from a custom designed training program.

On the fun side, Joe is a swimming, dock diving, and lure coursing instructor here at Courteous Canine, and he’s a certified judge with the North America Diving Dogs (NADD) organization. He’s also an instructor holding a 5th Degree ‘Master’ rank in the martial art of Tang Soo Do, a private pilot, and an avid hiker and scuba diver, oh, and let’s not forget the father of two great human kids!

Certifications: Certified Canine Conditioning Specialist, Certified Dock Diving Judge ‚ North America Diving Dogs, TC3 trained (Tactical Canine Casualty Care) ‚ Veterinary Tactical Group

Services include:

  • Board and train


Sniffspot Top Trainer Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with these dog trainers?

Each of the trainer profiles contains a link to their website. You can click through to their website where you can find more contact information.

Are these dog trainers certified professionals?

Each dog trainers certifications are listed in their profile. Dog training is not regulated at the federal or state level, so there is no standard dog training certification. However, many private institutions offer certifications. Some of the top certifications in the dog training industry are CPDT- KA, IAABC, Karen Pryor Academy – KPA certification, Jean Donaldson’s Academy – CTC certification and Fear Free Certification.

What methods do these dog trainers teach?

There are many methods for teaching dogs. All of the trainers included on this list are positive reinforcement only, as defined by no force, fear, intimidation, or aversive methods used. You can see more information in each trainer’s profile regarding their training specialties.

How much do these dog trainers cost?

Dog trainers have a wide range of costs for different services. We recommend first picking a trainer that provides the services that you are looking for, then reaching out to them to get up to date pricing.

Is training a dog good for the dog?

Yes! Training has many benefits for dogs. Going through a training process with your dog can improve the bond that you share with them. Also, training can do a lot to improve the confidence of a dog; it gives them more certainty that they understand how the world around them works. And lastly, it’s just fun for the dog and for you. Training can be very stimulating and enriching for a dog.

Can an aggressive dog be trained?

Yes! Any dog behavior can be worked on through training. Aggression is a serious issue, but it is also a term that is used very broadly. Many dogs that are thought to be aggressive are actually reactive, which is a different behavior altogether. If you believe you have an aggressive dog, we recommend reaching out to one of your local top trainers to get their diagnosis and advice.

I am a trainer. How can I get listed here?

We update this list once per year, normally starting in January. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media and sign up for email updates with Sniffspot in order to be in the loop on the next round of nominations.

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