How To Introduce Dogs

By: Danette JohnstonOwner – Dog’s Day Out, Ballard, WACertified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)Licensed AKC CGC EvaluatorNW Coordinator, Doggone Safe Whether you are looking to bring a new dog into your home or you just want your dog to hang out with your friends or family members’ dog, being able to read the dogs’ body language is imperativeContinue reading “How To Introduce Dogs”

How To Socialize Your Puppy

* All Sniffspot articles are reviewed by certified trainers for quality, please see bottom of article for details * ​If you have a puppy, you’ve likely heard about the need to socialize your new friend. Socialization refers to the process of preparing your dog to, essentially, be comfortable with the world around them. Whether interacting withContinue reading “How To Socialize Your Puppy”